Introductory Certificate in Culinary Arts [3 months]

Introductory Certificate in Culinary Arts [3 months]

The Advanced Certificate Cookery provides students with the knowledge of food preparation, presentation, and other skills necessary to become a proficient, qualified Commercial Cook. The course includes planning, preparing, presenting, and serving food in a commercial kitchen environment.

This course is designed to give an individual competence and confidence in planning, preparing, and presenting food in a catering or restaurant type environment. With the successful completion of this course students will have the necessary skills to enter the workforce in the role as a professional cook.

Entry requirements

This program is open to anyone interested in cooking. However prospective students must be able to read and write. The program is assessed by a computer based examination.

1ADC1700Prepare dishes using basic methods of cookery5Multiple Choice Exam
2ADC1701Prepare appetisers and salads5Multiple Choice Exam
3ADC1702Prepare stocks, sauces, and soups5Multiple Choice Exam
4ADC1703Prepare vegetable, fruit, eggs, and farinaceous dishes5Multiple Choice Exam

Month 2

5ADC1800Prepare poultry dishes5Multiple Choice Exam
6ADC1801Prepare seafood dishes5Multiple Choice Exam
7ADC1802Prepare meat dishes5Multiple Choice Exam
8ADC1803Prepare food to meet special dietary requirements5Multiple Choice Exam

Month 3

9ADC1900Produce cakes, pastries, and breads5Multiple Choice Exam
10ADC1901Produce desserts5Multiple Choice Exam
11ADC1902Plan and cost basic menus5Multiple Choice Exam
12ADC1903Hygienic Practice and food handling practices5Multiple Choice Exam


  1. Academic transcript
  2. Certificate