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“The Culinary Arts Academy” (CAA) is a Professional Cookery School run by professionally trained Master Chefs in Zimbabwe. CAA was established in 2012 by a group of experienced Master Chefs and individuals with diverse skills within the Tourism & Hospitality Industry. It was formed to provide training solutions so as to create smart people with smart solutions in Zimbabwe’s Tourism &Hospitality Industry. The company drives its income from its professionally offered product and services that cuts across all establishments in the hotels, institutional catering, industrial catering and individuals.

What We Do


The Culinary Arts Academy (CAA) offers professional cooking skills training in line with the latest trends in cooking. The institution is a centre of culinary arts of research and development of new dishes in Zimbabwe and the region. Infusion and ethic cooking is used to provide the candidates with diverse and unusual culinary skills. The trainers emphasis is on healthy dishes (organic dishes), recognizing the trends within the industry for the demand for healthy cooking and cuisine.

Hands-on classes
With both theoretical learning and hands-on experience in small classes, you will develop the standards of great chefs and become an expert in international cuisine. In the application kitchen, you will apply what you have learnt from the chefs in the demonstration kitchen. The practical work includes real-life experience with the organization of culinary events taking place both inside and outside of the school.

Small class sizes
Small-size practical classes allow you to work both individually and in teams under the expert guidance and personal attention of master chef instructors. Practicing in our restaurant will help you to perfect your culinary skills.

Who Are Our Customers ?


Trends in cooking are fast changing and after ten years of economic down turn in Zimbabwe, more training is required for chefs in hotels to keep abreast with trends in cooking. This is a market which has high potential as hotels send their chefs for further trainings.

This is another source of income as untrained cooks in restaurants and canteens require professional food preparation skills.

Catch them young is our philosophy as best culinary skills are fully developed when one starts early. This market segment is aimed at unlocking talent in young people that will guide in their career pathing.

There are a number of families willing to send their cooks / maids for further training in order to be able to cook for different types of visitors in their homes. These may be local, regional and international visitors who require various menus and food presentation.

This is a training need segment which requires classical cooking lessons. This market can also be segmented to multiples of markets with each needing different training programmes in order to meet their conflicting characteristics.  Some women need training to be able to cook for their families, some to consolidate their catering business and some to take up cooking as a career. The Culinary Arts Academy has a number of training plans to meet the needs of such a market(s).


To develop international culinary arts skilled manpower in Southern Africa

Mission Statement

At CAA we train and develop hands on and entrepreneurial professional chefs that are good for the industry and those who adore good food.




We are accountable in executing our duties in a transparent and honest manner.


We value cross pollination of ideas in order to achieve our strategic objectives.


We are proud and dedicated to what we do


We guarantee internally recognized professional practical training


Trainings are conducted by competent and exposed practising Master Chefs in Zimbabwe


We value diversity in skills, experience and perspectives in order to be creative and innovative.



For 3 consecutive years we have entered into the Cooking Competition held by the Zimbabwe Tourism Authority at the Sanganayi/Hlanganani Expo,and we have been the holders of that Title ever since.

2013 : Best Culinary Training  Institution

2014 : Best Culinary Training Institution

2013 : Best Culinary Training Institution